The corporate level have been the stronger
market for us since we started.

The luxury companies were who first choose KAKAWA much for its classic line as well for their design creations and customs according to each company.

Further more the products quality standard and constant innovation made that many companies decided to have their own chocolate molds.


The development was important too though the “mouth to mouth” of the companies: luxury companies that make a gifts to its luxury clients and those make gifts to their clients … and we expand to another type of companies and other types of particular public.

Some news, specialized magazine reports , gastronomy and gourmet magazines helped to make known the brand even more.

So much so that by the year 2008 KAKAWA was selected by the University of Belgrano with three other companies (Jaguar, Hermenegildo Zegna y Catena Zapata) to take part of a symposium on “Imposition of Brands in the market through different strategies MKT”

On April of 2013 KAKAWA Chocolates & Diseño was chosen as Country Brand counting now with and important tool to identify the Argentinean products in the world communication our national identity and adding value to local manufacturing, supporting the sustainable development of the quality image in the international scene.

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