Chocolate & Design

KAKAWA is a company dedecated to the manufacture of high standard chocolate. Chocolates and their fillings, are own blends created by the chocolatier chef of the company and manufactured whith Belgium chocolate and premium raw material.

Spheres, fretwork, decotarion and non-traditional sizes in chocolate, a smart and minimalist packaging, become KAKAWA products into unique pieces as far as scent, flavor and texture is concerned.

KAKAWA manufactures and designs its productos for following areas: Corporative Divisions at companies, Hotels, Gastronomy, Events, Services, Catering and Tastings.


Concept and vanguard are blended, offering a high quality product with the objective of highlighting senses.

A different creation in the art of presenting, honoring and gifting.

The sphere is elected by KAKAWA, in view of its purity and perfection of it size, paying tribute to it, in different designs, flavours and scents.

Tasting bombons manufactured with the best Grand Cru cocoa, is a pleasant experience.

Innovative flavours and formats made an aesthetic sweetty enviroment. Then, upon the first bite, sundry and cosy flavours and scents are released within the mouth, provoking a range of sansations according to your choice.

Sensuality with the creamy gianduja, milk candy, marroc…

Excitement with flavoured: moscada nutmeg, cardamom, coriandro, peppers and coffe.

Energy with the classics and crunchy bitter chocolates, milk chocolate, dried caramel fruits and wild berries.

One aspect considered as paramount, is the packaging designed for each product. Boxes covered with special papers.

Detailed packaging extremely worked out for a vanguardist, modern and smart aesthetics.

Different formats and models matching bombons and chocolates with wines, sparkling wines, destilled spirits…

All boxes  of the line may be personalizad with logos and designs.


Triangles: Marroc duo of semi-bitter and white chocolate, yolk nougat and cognac with milk candy

Half-spheres: caramel almond, crunchy chestnut, gianduja with coffee and milk candy, cognac and pecan nut.

Ingots: raspberry jam, citrus jam, milk candy and cognac, peanut marroc, gianduja with coffee.

Mini Chocolates: Almond and orange, candy milk and cognac, mint and little coffee made of semi-bitter and white chocolate.

Tablets: Toblerone, citrus, toasted dried fruit, white chocolate with chestnut Cajun, white chocolate with coconut, chocolate with milk and cereal.

Coffee and almond pebbles: Cofee grains topped with chocolate and citrus. Almonds topped with white chocolate and coconut

Flavored Chocolate bars with crunchy saffron, citrus, coffee, pappers mic and cardamom.