“Tasting and Testing Programs”

What is a chocolate tasting?

This is a fresh invitation to enter chocolate world.
Is enter a new world of exotics taste, textures and different ways for presentation of chocolates

From nature and geography we take the bases to know and understand…
“ Why and how those cocoa beans intervened by the man at the end become the pleasure and weakness of everyone of us?
Through history we discovered the story of what happened to those beans across centuries…Indians, settlers, industrial times until our days.

While all this cultural historical tour puts us in time and space….. you begin with tasting chocolate pieces home to know the varieties of aromas and flavors that will sweeten our mouths unprejudiced.

The tasting is about origin varieties: Peru 70% bitter version of cocoa and white chocolate with 34% of cocoa butter, Ecuador (70% of cocoa)
and Venezuela (73% or 70% of cocoa)

It is a sensitive journey where records of organoleptic sensations produced by each variety are pointed
Of course that the perception has to be practice but still is nice to recognized in every step how our sensors begin to work with an
amazing capacity of interpretation.

Each variety is subjected to a recognition of smell, taste and scent it is surprising see and feel… that every sensation
is released by different molecules that finally gather in a blend

We pass different sensations… stopping to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth leaving that the chocolate takes our temperature and guide us along a route in our mouth that finally let us manifest the different flavors (sour, bitter, sweet, salty). To the ear we have the crack produced by the cut of the chocolate pieces.

Once some knowledge is incorporated we began to taste KAKAWA bonbons to acknowledge different esthetics in blends and fills as well as designs that break the traditional concept of bonbons making.

Learn to recognize complex bonbons and the quality of them.

The end of the tasting is a chocolate marinated with wines, liquors and beers, tee and coffee chosen according to the different meetings.






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